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Tyrolean Folk Art Museum

Devilish masks, handicrafts, and pieces of old buildings create a snapshot of life in a historic Alpine region. 


The wonderfully detailed woodwork, devilishly grotesque masks, and handcrafted household goods within this museum create a detailed image of life within Tyrol, a historical region in the Alps spread over bits of modern-day Austria and Italy.

The Tyrolean Folk Art Museum is packed with artifacts from around the region. Step inside the museum, which is housed within a wing of a former monastery, and you’ll find a trove of cultural treasures on display.

Amazingly, you’ll even find bits of other buildings stored within its walls. The museum contains about a dozen restored wood-paneled parlors from different periods—think Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, and Rococo—that were originally part of farms and estates within the Tyrol region.

Smaller, though no less impressive, artifacts tell the story of the people who lived within these buildings and others like them. The museum’s permanent exhibition of handicrafts, traditional clothing, household ware, furniture, tools, and religious folk art illustrate the customs and day-to-day lives of the generations of people who have called Tyrol home.

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It's located next to the Hofkirche and across from the Hofburg in the Altstadt section of Innsbruck.

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