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Udre Udre's Grave

Ra, Fiji

Final resting place of the most prolific Fijian cannibal of all time. 


Everybody loves a good cannibal story, and if Udre Udre doesn’t enjoy the same popularity as Issei Sagawa or Albert Fish, he still enjoys a very strange record. He’s the most prolific cannibal of all time, or at least the best documented one. 

Udre Udre was a tribal chief in northern Viti Levu, a province  of Fiji Island — part of the formerly nicknamed “Cannibal Isles.” Udre Udre was not different from the other Fijian chiefs, who were eating the flesh of their dead enemies. But he allegedly ate more than 800 of them, and, for a record, kept a stone from each time one was on the grill. These stones now surround his grave in Rakiraki.

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