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Used Tire Mart Sagamihara Store

Sagamihara, Japan

More than 100 antique vending machines housed in a used tire shop sell everything from candy to sake and ramen. 


Located 40 kilometers outside central Tokyo, the city of Sagamihara isn’t on most tourists’ radars. But hidden in this Japanese suburb, in a used tire shop, is a well-maintained collection of 112 vending machines.

These vending machines range from antique to modern, and they sell almost anything you can imagine that can come out of a vending machine, and then some more. There’s one that microwaves you some fresh popcorn, one that dispenses noodles in a bowl, and one that sells a booklet about the vending machines themselves. You can also get some ice cream, some sake to wash it down, or even an umbrella, or some camera film. 

It seems slightly bizarre to find rows of food-dispensing vending machines sandwiched between a dusty parking lot and a used tire shop. But the food in the vending machines is fresh and restocked regularly—the curry and noodles are cooked fresh and replenished daily.

Know Before You Go

Plan 1.5-2 hours if you're travelling from central Tokyo on public transit. Take JR Yokohama line to Sagamihara station, then take any of 相21/25/27/28/29 buses to 相模原浄水場. It's a 3-5 minute walk from the bus stop. Some of those buses also connect to the Odakyu line at various stations. Driving will be faster for most hours of the day.

There is no ATM onsite, so get some cash before you come. There is a coin machine in the arcade room to the left of the tire shop entrance where you can change your 1000 yen notes to 100 yen coins. The only seating option is a single bench, so be prepared to eat on handrails or in your car (if you're driving).

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March 13, 2024

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