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Kopačevo, Croatia

A small self-proclaimed micro-state located on a piece of disputed territory between Croatia and Serbia, near Liberland. 


On May 30, 2019, the Free Republic of Verdis, a new, self-proclaimed sovereign state in Europe was formed on a piece of disputed unclaimed land between Croatia and Serbia locally known as Pocket 3 of the Croatia-Serbia border dispute near Liberland, another self-proclaimed sovereign state.

Since Verdis’ founding, the unrecognized state has received a large amount of following on social media along with a large number of applications towards citizenship and has representatives managing the claim. The Free Republic of Verdis has received a decent amount of recognition from a number of politicians, political parties and activists, but continues to aim for international recognition from United Nation member states such as Croatia and Serbia.

The small state was founded with the intention of reconciliation ethnic groups surrounding the region due to the former Yugoslav wars continuing to leave a decent amount of Croats and Serbs disliking each other. Verdis was also founded to be as environmentally conscious and humanitarian as possible, with full government transparency. The small unrecognized city-state aims to be known as a peaceful nation where people are welcome regardless of nationality, race, sexuality, or creed.

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