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This one-of-its-kind shipyard brings the 12th-century Viking Age back to life. 


In 1904, the world was captivated by the discovery of the Oseberg ship, a remarkable artifact from the Viking era, just outside the charming town of Tønsberg, Norway—the country’s oldest inhabited town. Today, Tønsberg continues to entice history enthusiasts and curious travelers with its deep Viking heritage, and at the heart of this cultural heritage stands the impressive Vikingodden.

Known as the Oseberg Viking Heritage project, Vikingodden is a unique endeavor dedicated to preserving and reviving age-old shipbuilding traditions. The project is committed to recreating tools and construction methods exclusively from the 12th-century Viking era, bringing history to life.

All the work at Vikingodden is carried out on a voluntary basis. Enthusiasts and experts alike donate their time and skills to the cause. While the project operates year-round, weekends offer a special opportunity for visitors to interact with knowledgeable local guides who tell tales of Vestfold’s long Viking history. Today, Vestfold is the region that encompasses Tønsberg, a former county, and an electoral district. Vestfold was also an ancient Viking region, first mentioned in sources in 813.

Next to Vikingodden, visitors will encounter impressive replicas of historic vessels, including the renowned Oseberg ship (named Saga Oseberg), adorned with intricate details, and the Klåstad ship, known as Saga Farmann. Notably, the Oseberg Viking Heritage project has embarked on crafting a replica of yet another iconic find, the Gokstad ship, since 2021.

Know Before You Go

Vikingodden is conveniently located just minutes from the city center, near the pier and pedestrian bridge. While volunteer work takes place year-round, weekends offer a more vibrant atmosphere with local guides eager to introduce you to Viking Age shipbuilding techniques, local history, and archaeological discoveries.

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October 24, 2023

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