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Olympic Sculpture Park located in Seattle’s Belltown is not far from the famous Space Needle, and a short walk from the famous Pike Place Market.

Sculpture Park is nine acres filled with monumental artworks, amazing views of Elliott Bay, and a monolithic work entitled “Wake.”

Located down a short embankment towards Western Ave sits ten plates each standing 14 feet that gently create an “S” pattern that forms a wake. The structure is composed of acid-washed, weather-proof steel that reinforces the industrial nature of this work of art. 

Designed to force people to confront their relationship to space, these forms were created by artist Richard Serra using computer imaging and machines that design ship hulls. The overarching industrial effect of the work almost makes visitors forget they are in a large, lush park that sits against the bay.  

Know Before You Go

Parking on Western Ave can be tough to come by but is available depending on the time of day. Plan for it to be windy.

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