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Wavine Cyrique (Secret Beach)

Rosalie, Dominica

The hike to this stunning waterfall on a black sand beach is not for the faint of heart. 


This unique natural feature is one of many things that have given the Nature Isle a reputation as an outdoor adventurer’s playground—but getting to it is not for the faint of heart. It is one of the very few waterfalls that descends not into a lake or river, but directly onto a beach/into the sea (depending on the tide level at that time).

At low tide, the water drops onto a large stretch of black sand beach, which you will almost definitely have to yourself. At high tide (not recommended as a time to visit), the falls drop straight into the Atlantic Ocean. It is especially magical on a sunny day when the waterfall causes rainbows. Even many locals have never visited, but those who have (mainly those who live on the east coast, or adventurous types) call it “Wavine Cyrique” or “Secret Beach.”

The only way to reach this beach is by a series of rope ladders and tree roots that hang from the cliff face. After Hurricane Maria in 2017 destroyed the complex web of roots and ropes that used to serve as a ladder, locals have installed a sturdy new ladder with wooden rungs and strong ropes. Dominica’s tourist board advises that you only visit with a registered guide. 

Once you reach the beach, the waterfall’s icy cold water is perfect for a shower after the sweaty climb. It is a strange contrast to the warm ocean water washing over your feet. Wavine Cyrique is an idyllic place to sunbathe and play in the waterfall; but not for swimming in the ocean, due to large waves and a strong current.

Know Before You Go

Discover Dominica advise that you must visit with a registered guide, not alone. You can find a guide by visiting the Tourist Office in Roseau; or on days when a cruise ship is in port, many guides wait onshore. A lot of taxi drivers are also registered guides, so you can ask around amongst drivers. Registered guides wear ID tags or have them in the front of their mini-busses. 

Your guide will drive you to the spot, which is just south of Rosalie. 

The climb is not suitable for those with a fear of heights or vertigo. It requires a high level of fitness and moderate agility. The rope ladder rungs are quite far apart so it is more challenging for shorter adults and not suitable for children.

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