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General stores for many people invoke a sense of nostalgia and thoughts of simpler times. Indeed there is an appeal to a location that has served the community for many generations and still maintains a picturesque charm. Massachusetts is home to several such stores, but the Wayside Country Store in Marlborough is particularly unique.

Originally constructed in 1790, the building functioned not only as a general store but also as a post office and school as well. Originally located in the town of Sudbury, it was purchased by Henry Ford in 1928 and relocated to its present site near Hager Pond using oxen. In order to move such a large object, the store had to be partially disassembled and put back together once it reached its final destination. The foundation of the store was made from boulders dug from the grounds and the basement supporting pillars are huge tree trunks. The stairs leading from the cellar are hand-carved from logs and the steps are held together with wooden pegs. Ford had it arranged so that the pegs in every third step were loose, resulting in a creak when stepped on that would give notice of any burglars climbing the stairs.

The interior of the store remains mostly the same since being purchased by Ford and even today relies on a pot-bellied stove for heat. Merchandise range from pickles in a barrel, Ginger Snaps, and hundreds of other collectibles and souvenirs which draws visitors from all over New England. There are also many historical artifacts on display which makes the store also function as a small museum. Perhaps the most notable section is the Old Tyme Candy Shoppe connected directly to the store where hundreds of hand-crafted, unique, and hard-to-find candies, sweets, and delectables are located inside glass jars and shelves.

Indeed the Wayside Country Store is a very historic location that has been open to customers for over 230 years. If you’re interested in taking a step back into history, enjoying a quaint shopping experience, and would like to try some delicious candy, the Wayside Country Store is the place for you.

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