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World's Largest Peanut

Durant, Oklahoma

No matter what the plaque under this massive legume says, this is not the world's largest peanut. 


Sitting quietly in front of Durant, Oklahoma’s City Hall, the monument claiming to be the World’s Largest Peanut is in fact dwarfed by other statues that are too modest to flaunt the title. 

Dedicated in 1974, the molded aluminium bean honors the peanut industry of surrounding Bryan County. The giant shelled nut sits atop a pedestal that proudly proclaims it as the world’s largest peanut, however this is strictly untrue as it is minuscule in comparison to the oversize snack on display atop a tower in Ashburn, Georgia. Despite this incorrect claim, the simple monument is still a popular tourist site and roadside attraction, where visitors come to snap a picture next to the statue, justifying its false claims. The nut was so popular in fact that it was repeatedly stolen by local teens so the police removed it for a time in 2010, but the beloved peanut was quickly returned.

The World’s Largest Peanut is not alone on the city hall lawn either as there is a time capsule that was buried just in front of the pillar that is set to be opened in 2023. There is no word as to whether it contains any of the town’s famous nuts, nor whether they will still be fresh upon the capsule’s disinterment. 

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