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Wyrd Leatherworks and Meadery

Get your cosplay on at Portland’s only Medieval fantasy-themed mead hall. 


The name is pronounced “weird,” but it’s really not that kind of Portland bar. The theme here is deeply sincere, if not exactly specific. Come Vikings, come elves, come pirates, come mages, to Portland’s first Medieval-themed mead hall and leather shop.

While it opened in East Portland’s historic Woodstock neighborhood in October 2020, the space feels out of time and place altogether. From wood-paneled walls to an oversized stone hearth to antler chandeliers and the sundry axes, swords, and suits of armor cast about the dimly lit space, Wyrd could pass for a tavern in the Middle Ages (or Middle Earth), if it weren’t for the fortunate lack of, say, diphtheria. Patrons—who range from metalheads to Renn Faire attendees—are not required but certainly encouraged to don cosplay garb of their choice, with most taking the Viking/Valkyrie route. If it sounds like a pre-teen Tolkien fan’s daydream hangout, that’s because it is.

Co-owners Travis Sigler and Tayler Toll have been best friends since middle school. They grew up on medieval fantasy and Scandinavian mythology, attending Comic Cons as adults and later training in both leathercraft and mead-making. In 2019, they opened a small shop selling bottled mead and leather goods just outside of Portland, then relocated and upsized to their current mead hall the following year. The century-old building last housed a colonial-themed restaurant—the space’s exposed wood beams and cobbled stone features were ideal for an expansion of the theme.

Visitors can select from an array of Wyrd meads brewed on-site as well as selections from other local meaderies. They come in flights or growlers, though they do observe a BYOV (bring your own vessel) policy, with drinking horns being the choice alternative. There are also local beers, wines, and ciders, as well as non-alcoholic options like kvass, a traditional Baltic beverage made from fermented rye bread. The food menu is relatively small and leans vegan; according to the proprietors, they started with more hearty fare, but wanted to focus on the mead. A taco truck outside provides additional options, albeit a bit less on-theme (though tasty).

The retail side of Wyrd offers a range of handmade goods by Sigler and other local artisans. There are bracelets, belts, battle accessories, and intricately engraved drinking horns. For those new to cosplay, the shop offers an accessible and artisanal gateway to starting your wardrobe, while seasoned fantasy-heads and larpers can custom order the chainmail bikini or leather-studded cat harness they need to fill out their collection. 

Know Before You Go

Minors are only allowed in the hall before 8 PM

Cosplayers frequent the place often, so you'll likely see anything from Elves, Hobbits, Pirates, Vikings, and the works dining in.


On the weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)  food is served from 5 PM to 10 PM in the form of charcuterie boards  house made soups and stews and sandwich specials. 


Themes range from Dungeons and Dragons, Skyrim, Middle-earth, and Scandinavian styles. 

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