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Zrinjevac Meteorological Column

This 135-year-old weather station studied the effects of the climate on human health. 


Located in the last segment of the long green strip that connects the railway station to the old town of Zagreb, Trg Nikola Šubić Zrinski, also known as Zrinjevac, is said to be one of the most beautiful and romantic parks in the Croatian capital. It is also home to an unusual relic.

In 1884, the physician and amateur meteorologist Adolf Holzer built a meteorological column on the north side of the square, outfitted with scientific instruments to record temperature, humidity, and air pressure over time. 

Made of Istrian marble and designed by architect Hermann Bollé, this landmark reflects the habit of notable families to gift precious items to the city. But Holzer’s goal went beyond simply displaying his benevolence or gaining prestige. The data collected were used for his studies, which were viewed as revolutionary at the time, focused on better understanding the impact of a changing climate on human health. 

Today, more than 130 years after its construction, these extremely accurate, German-made instruments are no longer used for official measurements, but they continue to do their jobs, and people often stop by to check in on the local conditions. The weather station in Zrinjevac remains a valuable attraction for those who love to discover the most unusual places in the city.

Know Before You Go

Until the mid-19th century, Zrinjevac was home to one of Zagreb's largest livestock fairs. The construction of the park was a source of protest amongst exhibitors who were reluctant to move their activities from such a central location. Today, Zrinjevac Park is surrounded by many prestigious historical and institutional buildings, including the Zagreb Archaeological Museum, Supreme Court of the Republic of Croatia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, and the Zagreb County Court. Throughout the year, the square is lively with unique events including the Zagreb Food Film Festival, Cest is D'best, an international festival of street art, and Advent on Zrinjevac, with its unique Christmas markets.

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