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Yokohama, Japan

Kokudō Station

Unchanged for decades, World War II-era bullet holes and nostalgic ghost signs still haunt this desolate train station.
Tokyo, Japan

Ariake Incineration Plant Chimney Clock

The enigmatic symbol on this incineration plant's smokestack is, in fact, a one-of-a-kind clock.
Itakura, Japan

Thousand-Armed Insect Goddess of Mercy

A bizarre statue of a Buddhist goddess made from 20,000 insects.
Tokyo, Japan

Nigao-e Coin Laundry

A small laundromat covered wall-to-ceiling with portrait drawings.
Kyoto, Japan

Yakuso-Jinshi - Hippocratic Shrine

An ancient Greek physician is honored as a god at this hole-in-the-wall shrine.
Nagoya, Japan

Nana-chan Mannequin

This giant fashion model is one of the most beloved symbols of Nagoya.
Konan, Japan

Hotei Buddha

The largest privately owned statue of Buddha in Japan, built by a total amateur, with an unconventional look.
Tokyo, Japan

Sumida Hokusai Museum

A small museum in a ward on the east side of Tokyo showcases the works of one of Japan's greatest ukiyo-e artists.
Shintotsukawa, Japan

'The Next Step'

A museum in Hokkaido is housed in a former high school. On its grounds a marker shares the awakening of a man who longs to be reunited with his soulmate in the fictional world of Kcymaerxthaere.
Chichibu, Japan

Wado Ruins

The birthplace of Japanese coinage.
Utsunomiya, Japan

The Venus of Gyoza

At a Japanese train station, a goddess emerges from a dumpling.
Tokyo, Japan


Steampunk, humanoid sculptures crawl on all fours in a Tokyo plaza.
Kamakura, Japan

Yoshiya Nobuko Memorial Museum

The former home of queer novelist Yoshiya Nobuko memorializes her contributions to modern-day manga.
Osaka, Japan

Dotonbori Hotel Front Pillars

Surreal giant face-pillars welcome visitors from across the globe to this hotel.
Nagato, Japan

Mara Kannon

This phallic temple was erected in the forest to honor the tragic death of a samurai lord's son.
Yoshinogari, Japan

Yoshinogari Historical Park

The largest archaeological site from the Yayoi period.
Hakone, Japan

Hakone Checkpoint

Once the main gateway to Tokyo, sneaking through this checkpoint was a capital offense in feudal times.
Tokyo, Japan

E18 War Train

The train engine is tucked under an apartment building on a quiet Tokyo street.
Tokyo, Japan

'Fugetsu En'nen'

This strange mural located in the Ueno station is filled with traditional Japanese symbolism.
Tokyo, Japan


Inspired by the famous sculptures on Easter Island, this head serves as a popular meeting spot by Shibuya Station.
Tokyo, Japan

The Asahi Flame

This enormous monument is one of the most iconic structures in Tokyo, rudely nicknamed "The Golden Turd."
Kazuno, Japan

Ōyu Stone Circles

Constructed thousands of years ago, these stone circles offer incredible insight into the lives of the people who built them.
Tokyo, Japan

Tobacco & Salt Museum

This museum is dedicated to the cultural history of tobacco and salt, once monopolized in Japan.
Miyazu-shi, Japan


Turn around and stick your head between your legs for the best view of this tree-covered sandbar.