It’s in all the old folk tunes: there’s nothing like walking along Britain’s River Mersey, enjoying the fresh breeze and tossing a few rocks at the Warrington Seal.

Seals are common along the British coast, and occasionally, one makes her way upstream into the mainland. Since the Warrington Guardian first reported this one’s presence in mid-July, she has become a community fixture, charming residents and earning her extremely creative nickname. According to her fans, she spends much of her time sunning, basking, and attacking river carp.

But despite her knack for posing, the seal has made some enemies. “There are reports of youngsters throwing stones,” the Manchester Evening News wrote Monday. The outlet also surfaced a complaint from resident John Moore, who said that although he is fond of the seal, “she has become a local attraction for drunken fools who think they can entice [her] out of the water with Tesco tinned mackerel in sunflower oil.” (The RSPCA has since advised people to keep their distance.)

According to the Evening News, the seal may have tired of this mayhem, as she hasn’t been seen since Monday. The paper predicts she might be headed back upstream to seal country, where things are more civilized.

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