When Snooty the manatee was born, Truman was in office, the Cold War was raging, and the Red Scare was in full effect. But Snooty probably doesn’t know any of this, because he is a manatee.

Yesterday, Snooty turned 68—a record for captive manatee. He’s spent almost all of his years at the South Florida Museum in Bradenton, which took him in when he was 11 months old (the Miami Aquarium had captured his mother without knowing she was pregnant, and only had room for one). These days, he is somewhat of a local celebrity, wowing locals with his gentle wisdom and kale-eating prowess.

To celebrate, the museum is throwing him a party this weekend, complete with a birthday card contest, free cookies (for the people) and an array of potential fruit and veggie cakes (for Snooty).

Last year, 4000 people showed up in a rainstorm. But no pressure if you can’t make it—you can always hang out with him virtually on the Snooty Cam.

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