What's your favorite off-brand food?
What’s your favorite off-brand food? theimpulsivebuy/CC BY-SA 2.0

When it comes to buying food, it’s not easy being cheap. Grocery store shelves are filled with nearly identical versions of the same food—often one with a widely recognized brand name, plus several others with substantially smaller marketing budgets. But the world of off-brand food has its fans and defenders. Lesser known, often bargain-priced packaged foods can be just as good as their more recognizable counterparts. Many even have their own unique flavors or quirks. Is there an off-brand food you always go to bat for?

Perhaps the most iconic example of a food brand rivalry is that of Oreo vs. Hydrox. Both are round sandwich cookies with a creamy center, and while Hydrox cookies were around before Oreos, they are still seen as the perpetual underdog. Recently Hydrox even accused Oreo of trying to hide their products on store shelves. Still, Hydrox has some staunch defenders who continue to keep the cookie alive.

We want to hear about the underdog food brands you love the most. Maybe it’s a small local brand that you can’t find anywhere else, or a specific generic brand that you swear tastes better than the big names. Whatever your off-brand taste is, let us know via the form below. Tell us why you love a particular off-brand food, and we’ll share some of our favorite responses in an upcoming article. Let’s shine a spotlight on the everyday wonder of foods from the lower shelves!

If you have a favorite off-brand food of your own to share, head over to our community forums and tell us about it!

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