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La Sqala

This restaurant sits within the walls of an 18th-century fortification that once defended the city’s old quarter. 


In the medina of Casablanca, just a stone’s throw away from the more famous Rick’s Cafe, stands La Sqala. A traditional Moroccan restaurant established circa 2001, it has since grown popular among the local Casablancais and tourists alike.

In addition to its quintessential Moroccan menu, from lamb tagine to classic pastries such as sfenj, msamen and baghrir, this restaurant’s attraction also lies in its overall atmosphere, which channels the ambience of historic Maghreb. Visitors enclosed within these imposing stone walls may be impressed with the restaurant’s commitment to the “theme,” not realizing that they’re part of an actual historic fortification.

The structure was built in 1785 under the auspices of Sultan Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdullah, the Alaouite ruler known for his contributions to the development of modern-day Casablanca, in order to strengthen the defense of his citadel. Armed with cannons and the Italianate walls, the fort stood guard for many years but was heavily damaged by the earthquake of 1955.

After years of abandonment, the plan was made to restore the fortification and renovate it as a restaurant. To truly appreciate its beauty, approach it from the eastern side, which will allow you to walk in through the old gate watched over by the ancient artilleries above.

Know Before You Go

Reservations are recommended, but in the morning you can just hop in for a light breakfast.

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