Roman Fedortsov is a deep-sea fisherman, working on a trawler based near the Barents Sea, according to the Moscow Times, and he has Twitter. As the Russian website Ruposters discovered, that combination of skills has led Fedortsov to post pictures of the very real, terrifying, and often sharp-toothed creatures his boat pulls out of the depths of the ocean.

For instance:


These creatures live deep in the ocean, where it’s normal to have giant eyes and sharp teeth. They’re adapted to their environment, just like the blobfish, which under the pressure of all the water it lives under actually looks much more like a normal fish. 

That being said, to human eyes, these fish are still monstrous—or, as Gizmodo puts it, “ocean creatures that look like they’re from the most twisted Jim Henson movie ever produced.”

Even the ones that are kind of cute are creepy.  

In conclusion, all points to the “oceans are terrifying never go there” faction of humanity. Respect the diversity of living things and the magic of evolution, but these are creatures that will give children nightmares. Then there’s the view espoused by Atlas Obscura co-founder Dylan Thuras: “I would love to see the Russian version of Finding Nemo starring photorealistic CGI versions of these, and about how life is also suffering.”