Did Louis C.K. call into a NYC radio show to gab about politics? (Photo: BrillLyle/CC by 2.0)

One of New York City’s great institutions is the Brian Lehrer Show, a weekday staple on the local NPR station that covers local life and politics. Callers to the show come from all corners and communities of the city, but yesterday the radio station’s crew was pretty sure that they had recognized the voice of one particular political opinionator.

We’re pretty sure Louis C.K. just called into the @BrianLehrer show,” WNYC tweeted. “Can someone text him and ask?”

The topic of the show was NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s “optics problem” — his poll numbers have been sinking — and a “Louis in the Village” called in to defend the mayor. “I really like this mayor–I think he deserves a better chance than he’s getting,” the caller said.

Meanwhile, the control room was minorly flipping out. Was it the famous comedian? Or just another Louis who lives in the Village and cares about politics? The New York Times reported: “A representative for Louis C.K. did not immediately respond on Tuesday to a message seeking confirmation.”

So, it’s up to the public to decide which side to be one. Are you a Louis truther? Do you want to believe? Or is WNYC getting excited over some regular old schlub?

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