The current Air India One. (Photo: Foreign and Commonwealth Office/CC BY 2.0)

For two decades, the Indian prime minister, president, and vice president have traveled overseas in modified versions of a Boeing 747, known by its call sign as Air India One. 

But in the face of terrorist threats against India’s current prime minister, Narendra Modi, the country is set to announce a big upgrade, according to India Today. The new Air India One, a modified version of a Boeing 777-300, will be equipped with a host of new features, and compete with Air Force One as one of the most secure crafts for flying in the world. 

The new Air India One, for example, will be able to absorb grenades and some rockets, while also being equipped with technology to help the aircraft avoid radar detection, as well as other features to help it evade missiles. 

The plane will also feature a working operating theater in case of emergency surgery, as well as foods in storage capable of feeding 2,000 people, according to India Today. What else? Nineteen televisions, in addition to the capability to refuel mid-air. 

The new planes (there will actually be two, built identically) will be officially announced on Saturday, according to India Today, citing Indian TV, though it was unclear when they might make their flying debut. 

Until then, of course, Modi will just have to settle for the current 747, which still isn’t a bad way to fly.