Meridian, Idaho, is around 5,000 miles west of Europe and, as far as we know, wasn’t the site of any Nazi attacks. So it was all the more puzzling recently when Diana Landa found a 1938 Nazi artillery shell in her parents’ shed.

Landa found the live explosive in late May while cleaning up. At first, she wasn’t quite sure what she had stumbled across. She took it home and stashed it in her own shed before asking around for advice. A coworker who’s “like, really into history,” suggested she contact authorities, Landa told the Idaho Statesman. The Idaho Historical Society, logically, referred her to the police.

Before long, a team from a nearby U.S. Air Force base came to Landa’s home, removed the object, X-rayed it, and destroyed it with a controlled detonation. The 37 mm shell, which had Nazi insignia on it and the propellant still attached, was no more.

“Yeah I don’t get to keep it,” Landa wrote on Facebook. “Lol Turns out it is highly explosive and they had to come remove it from our property. It’s from WWII, have no idea how it got to Idaho and still loaded, but it’s pretty crazy.”

Landa said her parents have no idea where it came from either. For now, the mystery of the Meridian’s Nazi ammo will endure. “Definitely a once in a lifetime experience,” Landa said.