Our team at Atlas Obscura is always exploring the overlooked and unexpected, whether in our own backyards or in far-flung locales. In One-Line Adventures, we send out some quick dispatches of recent discoveries. 

article-imageRoller coaster tunnel in Spreepark

“This week a friend and I sneaked into Spreepark, a Berlin theme park that has been abandoned since 2002. It was a thrilling day of walking along roller coaster tracks, entering dark and dusty tunnels, and clambering around old rides overgrown with weeds.” — Ella Morton [Head Writer, Book Team]

article-imageElla trying out Spreepark transportation

article-imageExploring an abandoned water ride in Spreepark

The Forevertron

“Trespassing through a junkyard, scaling a snowbank, and braving -10 degree weather (mittenlessly risking frostbite), on a day so cold they didn’t officially open, Dr. Evermor’s Forevertron lived up to our expectations as outsider art royalty, totally worth the painful extremities.” — Michelle Enemark [Graphic Design, Video Production]

article-imageRose Parade float

“Most people are unaware that at 2 am on New Year’s Eve, all the Rose Parade floats are lined up on Orange Grove Boulevard in Pasadena under bright flood lights. This is my favorite time to avoid the crowds, see the floats up close, admire all the details, and smell all the flowers and herbs and spices that are used to create them.” — Robert Hemedes [Field Agent, Los Angeles]

article-imageAncient rock art at Grimes Point

“I spent Christmas among the rock art of a people who died 8,000 years ago at Grimes Point, Nevada, leading me to wonder, ‘What will be left of our civilization in 8,000 years?’”
— Tre Balchowsky [Field Agent, San Francisco]

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