Shaming very good animals is one of the internet’s favorite pastimes, and now the National Aquarium of New Zealand is doing it IRL, with a public notice board that praises and shames their penguins.

As shared on their Facebook page, and all around the internet afterwards, the National Aquarium of New Zealand posts the name and actions of both a naughty and a good penguin each month. On Saturday, for example, the sign congratulated a penguin named Betty for being a good swimmer and for waiting patiently for her fish, though just above that was Timmy, who was guilty of pushing another penguin and stealing fish.

The aquarium houses a collection of little blue penguins, also known as “fairy penguins,” which are native to New Zealand and Australia. It’s not clear whether they are markedly more naughty than their Antarctic cousins, but if you want to decide for yourself, the aquarium allows small groups to view the daily feedings. The humans at least, are expected to be on their best behavior.