Like Babe or Wilbur before it, one brave pig recently took to pondering its place in the world, and decided to take action, escaping from a truck that was taking it to auction. Although its freedom was short-lived.

As the Associated Press is reporting, the large pig loosed the shackles of its doomed fate, and jumped from a trailer on Interstate 5, leaping right into potentially lethal traffic. Luckily for the fugitive pig, a group of passing drivers stopped, and herded the animal behind some roadside barriers. The pig appeared unhurt.

Highway patrolmen arrived on the scene to take care of the animal, and one officer took a picture that spread on Twitter, showing an animal looking—a bit forlornly, perhaps—across the gridlocked highway at a waterpark on the other side.

Within an hour the driver of the trailer realized that he’d left the pig behind, and returned to collect it, taking it to an uncertain future at auction. As is the fate of so many, the pig was defeated by the impassible obstacles and crushing gears of this, our modern dystopia. The waterpark, alas, remained a dream.