Earlier this week, a Reddit user with an unprintable name discovered a weird thing about their boots: They left swastika tracks behind. 

“There was an angle I didn’t get to see when ordering my new work boots…” The user wrote, posting the picture above. 

The post drew over 5,000 comments, and, within 24 hours, the attention of the boots’ maker, a company known as Conal International Trading Inc., according to the Houston Chronicle.

Conal subsequently recalled the boots, called Polar Fox Boots, because, according to the company at least, the whole swastika thing was a design flaw. 

The boots retailed for $38.99 on Amazon, according to the the Daily Mail, though by Friday they had been taken off the market

All of which prompted Reddit users to declare victory. Or at least cautious hope that they enacted some positive change in the world. 

A post linking to an article about the recall is stuck to the top of the original thread. 

It reads: “WE DID IT REDDIT?”