You’ve seen it in a hundred films, the unmarked spy van, packed to the gills with screens and equipment, but it’s not often that you see the real thing up close, in real life. But thanks to the wonders of eBay, one lucky bidder was recently able to purchase a fully furnished FBI surveillance from 1989 that looks like it’s straight out of the movies.

The recently closed auction out of North Carolina, listed a vintage Dodge Ram 350 van in great condition, which also just so happened to be a fully-furnished, and totally awesome, surveillance vehicle. From the outside, the brown van doesn’t seem that notable save for a weird tube attached to the roof and the darkly tinted passenger windows. But in the back is an array of still-functioning spy gear, including video screens, recording equipment, a port for a periscope, and, yes, a toilet. There are even secret cameras hidden on the outside of the vehicle.

In a video tour of the van recorded by the sellers, they say the vehicle was used in a FBI stakeouts, and that the van even still had some of the original investigation tapes inside.

The winning bid for the van came in at $18,700 from a private buyer. The new owner’s identity is unknown, but we can only hope that they bought the van for some next-level Sneakers cosplay.