What do you eat or drink to kill a hangover?
What do you eat or drink to kill a hangover? Martin Thomas/CC BY 2.0

New Year’s Day is approaching, and no matter how you celebrate, chances are good that a lot of you will be staring down a January 1 hangover. There are a mind-boggling number of wondrous hangover “cures” out there, from nearly every global cuisine—and we want to hear about your favorites.

South Korea has a grapefruit “hang-in-there” ice cream bar that claims to ease the pain. There’s Japanese umeboshi, a pickled, salty ume fruit that’s thought to be a good remedy for terrible mornings. In Lima, eating the Churo snail is said to slow the waves of nausea that can accompany hangovers. And there’s always the ol’ Prairie Oyster Cocktail, which is pretty much just swallowing an uncooked egg. (Editor’s note: water, rest, and time are the only true cures for a hangover, and we recommend taking any food or beverage that claims to be a “cure” with a hearty dose of skepticism).

Fill out the form below and tell us about the go-to hangover “cures” you’ve encountered on your journeys, how you discovered your favorite remedy, and most importantly, do you think it works? Give your morning-after anxieties a rest, and tell us what you plan to do about them!

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