Be warned: if you are afraid of snakes, the video above may not be for you. The clip is as curious as it is terrifying, and shows a man entering a hallway filled with drawers. These drawers are filled with snakes, and it is feeding time.

The man uses a pair of elongated tongs to open each drawer one by one and feed each snake one white mouse. While some snakes appear docile, and meekly accept their mouse without so much as poking out their heads, others are more feisty and escape their drawers completely in their excitement.

Many questions arise from this video, which is presented on YouTube without much in way of explanation. Are they all deadly cobras, as the title of the video implies? Why are they in drawers, and is this really the most effective method to prevent them from escaping? And what about the guy? Does he work at a zoo, or are these his pets?

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