Around 13 years ago, Dean McAuley of Tacoma, Washington, lost his wallet. At the time, he was too busy to worry about it, he recently told KING. He canceled a few cards and quickly moved on with his life.

But recently, someone mailed him that wallet—intact, including his driver’s license and $11 in cash. The wallet also came with an anonymous note. “Mr. McAuley, I found your wallet outside a Mexican restaurant years ago,” the person wrote, and went on to explain that initial attempts to track McAuley down had failed, before the writer simply forgot about it. “Just recently, I found it in my desk at work and found your address on the Pierce County assessor’s website. I apologize it took so long.”

The note was dated March 29. McAuley, a firefighter, told KING that he wouldn’t mind tracking down the Good Samaritan, but even if he can’t, the note will be a good example for his son. “It has nothing to do with the money, it has nothing to do with a wallet,” McAuley said. “It has to do with character.”