Puzzle-solving goes extreme.
Puzzle-solving goes extreme. Newsflare/TonyFisher

Brave souls imbibe ice cream and cold drinks during the frigid winter months. But it takes a particularly determined person to craft a gigantic ice cube—into the shape of a Rubik’s Cube, no less—in December.

Meet Tony Fisher, a wizard of all things Rubik’s Cube and twisty puzzle-related. If you flip through the Guinness World Records 2018, you’ll find a photo of the English puzzle master with one of his creations, the world’s largest Rubik’s Cube.

Now, Fisher has posted a mesmerizing video that shows his icy creation seemingly being built on its own (which appears that way because the footage is of the cube melting, but played in reverse). This isn’t your average static ice cube, either. You can move its pieces just like you would with a regular Rubik’s Cube. A bonus function? It would sit especially nicely in a stiff glass of whiskey.


In a supplemental video, Fisher breaks down the process of how he made the ice cube. It’s one of the more invigorating puzzle-building videos out there: In it, he admits that he wasn’t entirely sure it’s going to work until the moment he builds it.

Fisher says that he’s thinking about ways he can color the blocks in another ice Rubik’s Cube. It’ll be the ultimate incentive to solve one of these bad boys quickly—otherwise, it’ll just melt in your hands.

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