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Travelers along Highway 50 will be excited to stumble across Eureka after a long journey across the state.

The Friendliest Town on the Loneliest Road

Eureka, Nevada is a must-see pitstop along the magnificent wide open road of Route 50, where travelers can immerse themselves in a bygone era and explore secret underground tunnels.

The Explorer's Guide to Hudson Valley, New York

A drive upstate includes eclectic charms, luxurious food, and stunning views.
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8 Memorable Museums in Los Angeles

From the history of African American firefighters to zoology, L.A. has you covered.

Video: Reliving the 19th-Century Schooling Days

School is always in session at the West Bay Common School Children’s Museum, where the 1898 Schoolhouse Session is designed to showcase a day in the life of a turn-of-the-century student.