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Amarula Brigadeiro

Pair a Brazilian confection with a sweet South African liqueur, and a unique treat is born.

Rich, dense, and usually cloaked in an armor of sprinkles, classic brigadeiros rely on three simple ingredients: condensed milk, cocoa powder, and butter. Brigadeiros won their place in history, and their catchy name, as a fundraising treat that helped fuel Brazil’s 1945 presidential election, the first in which all women could vote. Popular lore holds that suffragists provided the treats at rallies in support of candidate and Air Force Brigadier Eduardo Gomes. They named the treats brigadieros after their candidate’s military rank. While Gomes wasn’t able to win the election, the name stuck.

On its own, the brigadeiro is a classic, satisfying treat. But confectioners have found a new way to elevate these modest sweets into even more indulgent—and interactive—edibles. Enter the Amarula Brigadeiro, which injects South Africa’s butterscotch-flavored Amarula Cream Liqueur directly into each brigadeiro. The inventive treat includes a liqueur-filled pipette, which resembles an eye dropper filled with creamy, beige booze. Plunged into the brigadeiro’s center, the pipette beckon eaters to play with their food. Diners are encouraged to swirl it around, making extra room for the liqueur before injecting.

Caution: Biting into a liqueur-filled confection might cause a bit of a mess. Those who want to avoid dribbling chins can, of course, simply dose themselves with squirts Amarula.

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