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Barbecue Spaghetti

Memphis adds a little Italian flair to its Southern repertoire.

Barbecue fans from Memphis take their craft seriously. Slow-cooked, hickory-smoked pulled pork is considered a particular point of pride. As such, pit masters don’t limit barbecued pork to its typical fate between a saucy bun. In fact, the savory, tender meat works wonders in spaghetti.

BBQ spaghetti can be a bit of a misleading name. To be clear, the spaghetti itself is not barbecued, but the hunks of pulled pork that complete the dish are. The combination is united by a base of cooked-down tomatoes and onions—flavors that compliment both Southern and Italian pork preparations—mixed with thick, smoky Memphis-style BBQ sauce.

If you consider the pasta Italian, the BBQ sauce Southern, and the slow-cooked pork, tomatoes, and onions as cornerstones of both cuisines, the result is an even combination of influences. But ultimately, what dish is as American as a heaping plate of comforting, culturally-disparate Frankenfood?

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