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Dill Pickle Pizza

This is one seriously polarizing pie.

In August 2018, Rhino’s Pizzeria in Rochester, New York, sent internet pizza fans into a frenzy with their unconventional creation. The polarizing pie began unassumingly enough, with a base of white garlic sauce and mozzarella cheese. Rhino’s then added sliced dill pickles on top and sprinkled it with dill weed, for good measure. They called it a dill pickle pizza, posted it on Facebook, and thousands of people responded. The two-location eatery received everything from public outcries of pizza defiling to attracting devout fans and recipe inquiries from across the country.

The unusual pairing is the brainchild of Kathy Szuba, a Rhino’s employee, and her daughter, who suggested it after returning from a pickle festival. They made a test pizza and gave out samples, only to be met with more enthusiasm than they could’ve possibly anticipated. If the idea tickles your fancy, but you’re nowhere near a Rhino’s outpost, fear not: You can buy their signature garlic sauce online and put sliced pickles on your very own pie.

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