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Fried Haggis

Scotland's beloved traditional dish is deep-fried and served up fast-food style.

While traveling foodies dip into the traditional “chippies” (fish and chip shops) surrounding Edinburgh, Scotland, to catch a quick bite to eat, the more adventurous eaters may be more keen to test out Scotland’s national dish, haggis. However, don’t expect to find the traditional meal of boiled sheep stomach stuffed with heavily spiced oats and offal in these fast-food establishments. This take on haggis is deep-fried and served up with chips, curry sauce, and a side of mushy peas. 

Located in Old Town Edinburgh, the Clamshell is said to serve up the best fried haggis. Edinburgh’s chippies tend to have a preoccupation with experimental frying, so gather up some other golden treats to round out your crispy, fast-food spread. This Scottish chippy typically does not have available tables and chairs, so eat your haggis like a local and tuck into this greasy goody on the go.

As with most fried things, expect the deep-fried haggis to be salty, crunchy, and with a hearty amount of spice. On your next trek through Scotland, join the hoards of haggis devotees and give this fast-food version a go.

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