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Peach Sliders

This sweet sandwich celebrates Georgia's favorite crop.

Sugar-rolled doughnut sandwiches stuffed with fresh Georgia peaches are a midsummer night’s reality just a few miles from downtown Atlanta. At Revolution Doughnuts in Decatur, head baker Maria Moore Riggs churns out hot, fluffy, fresh treats in flavors such as bacon caramel, vegan raspberry sprinkle, and orange pistachio year-round. But when summer rolls in, the state’s most iconic, fuzzy staple—the Georgia peach—takes center stage.

Rather than whip up a peach-flavored or jam-filled seasonal offering, Revolution takes a classic, fluffy yeast doughnut, halves it, and crams fresh peach slices in the center. They call it a peach slider, a naturally sweet, crunchy, and slightly tart fruit filling surrounded by pillowy dough. The bakery’s tagline is “Put something good in your mouth.” Achievable goals, indeed.

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