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22 Unusual Things You Can Find in the Desert

Sometimes the greatest wonders can be found in the most barren places.

In the desert, it can seem like very little exists aside from dunes and a few creatures that are adapted to the arid landscape. However, not all deserts are desolate, a few are home to unique—sometimes otherworldly—objects that add a bit of mystery to an otherwise barren terrain.

Located on the banks of a salt lake in Nefta, Tunisia, stands a homestead from a galaxy far, far, away. The Lars Homestead is world famous as it was the home of a young Luke Skywalker from the original Star Wars trilogyThe set was constructed in 1976 and was restored for use in the year 2000. In a remote portion of Inyo County, California stands a shrine of teakettles. At Teakettle Junction, leaving behind these trinkets with messages has been a tradition for travelers venturing through this region of the Mojave Desert for decades. From the most isolated mailbox in the United States to the Great Train Graveyard of Bolivia, here are 22 unusual finds from the world’s desert regions.