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13 Hotels Where the Frills Are Chills

Come for the comfortable accommodations, stay for the ghostly stories.

Hotels generally serve as places for weary travelers to relax—peaceful, clean, and quiet. Among those hotels are the historic ones, often antique architectural wonders, and some of those also happen to hold long histories and age-old mysteries, so it’s no surprise that some of them would acquire a reputation for paranormal activity. Sure, supernatural experiences might disturb your rest, but it also might be worth it to experience history firsthand.

For centuries, The Drovers Inn in the Scottish Highlands has welcomed cattle herders (or “drovers”), though today its guests are more likely to be tourists or hikers. Several ghostly tales surround the hotel, from a family that froze to death while searching for it, to a cattle theft that took a tragic turn. In Nevada, the Mizpah Hotel has been called “the most haunted hotel” in the United States, and its history goes back to the Wild West, including the tale of “the lady in red,” who is said to still roam the halls, especially outside room 502. From a Civil War hospital turned into a lavish hotel to a motel occupied by thousands of clowns, here are 13 of our favorite places to stay that might give you the chills (and a good night’s rest).