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17 Places That Harness the Power of the Sun

From restaurants that run on solar ovens to the largest solar tower in the world.

As we begin the journey down the path of totality in 2024, the eclipse offers the perfect opportunity to reflect on the sun’s power. Although we mostly still rely on fossil fuels, many places worldwide utilize the sun as a primary energy source. Many of these places not only efficiently harness the sun’s amazing power but are magnificent feats of engineering and architectural design. 

Visitors to OuarzazateMorocco, may often see a glinting tower beaming over the horizon, this is the Ouarzazate Solar Power Station. The most impressive plant at the massive site, Noor 3, is home to 7,400 huge mirrors that generate 500 gigawatt hours of annual power. In Taiwan, the Kaohsiung National Stadium is a marvel of architecture. The 55,000-person stadium is shaped like a dragon and entirely powered by the sun, thanks to more than 8,000 solar panels covering the roof. From a sun-powered Ferris wheel to restaurants where all the meals are cooked in solar ovens, here are 17 places powered by the sun.