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Mexican Hat, Utah

Mexican Hat

This balancing rock is one of Utah's most unusual geological formations.
Hummelstown, Pennsylvania

Indian Echo Caverns

These tourist trap caverns are said to be the former home of a legendary Pennsylvania Hermit.
Spring Mills, Pennsylvania

Penn's Cave

Sail through this subterranean show cave that is home to a legend that would go on to name nearly everything around it.
Titusville, Pennsylvania

Drake Well Museum

Where the oil industry began.
Waterford, Pennsylvania

George Washington in a British Military Uniform

The only statue of its kind to commemorate Washington's beginnings as an officer of the British Colonial Militia.
Summer Lake, Oregon

Fremont Point

Stay in an old lookout cabin atop Oregon's spectacular Winter Ridge.
Valley Falls, Oregon

Abert Rim

This spectacular fault escarpment, a popular hang-glider launch point, extends some 30 miles long and towers about 2,500 feet over the valley floors to the west.
Valley Falls, Oregon

Lake Abert

Oregon's only closed-basin hypersaline lake, an important stopover for migrating waterfowl, is in danger of drying up completely.
Bridgeport, California

Chemung Mine

An abandoned early 20th-century gold mine in a spectacular setting overlooking Bridgeport Valley and the Sierra Nevada.
Sulphur Springs, New Mexico

Sulphur Springs

It’s hard to believe this hostile landscape was once a health resort.
San Bernardino County, California

Ivanpah Solar Power Facility

The world’s largest concentrated solar plant generates as many problems as megawatts.
Norden, California

Peter Grubb Hut

This trailside hut was built in the late 1930s as a memorial to a young hiker.
Yerington, Nevada

Pine Grove and Rockland

Well-preserved ruins in the Pine Grove Hills of western Nevada.
Yerington, Nevada

Walker River State Recreation Area

Nevada's second-newest state park offers camping, fishing, hiking, and river float trips.
Yerington, Nevada

Wovoka Wilderness

Thousands of acres of beautiful wild landscape in the Great Basin.
Ronks, Pennsylvania

Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania

A huge railroad museum with over 100 pieces of rolling stock focusing on the railroad history of Pennsylvania.
Sierraville, California

Webber Lake Hotel

The only remaining hotel on the 1860s Henness Pass route over the Sierra Nevada is being restored.
Mehama, Oregon

Silver Falls State Park

Multiple waterfalls and several historic CCC buildings anchor this state park in Oregon's Willamette Valley.
Sterling, Colorado

Overland Trail Museum

Snapshots of late 19th and early 20th century Americana, focused on life on the plains, are displayed in this museum.
Beckwourth, California

Clover Valley Lumber Company Railroad

One of the last "timber railroads" in the United States was finally abandoned in 1957.

Tufa Cave

A large wave-cut shelter, a major archeological site, overlooks the dry basin of Winnemucca Lake.
Terrebonne, Oregon

Smith Rock State Park

Spectacular volcanic cliffs along the Crooked River invite hiking, rock climbing, and photography.
Ronks, Pennsylvania

Strasburg Rail Road

This vintage short line in Amish country runs passenger steam train excursions and still hauls freight.
Sierraville, California

Webber Falls

A little-known, but surprisingly large waterfall on the Little Truckee River in the northern Sierra Nevada.