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14 Places Brightened by Bioluminescence

Where nature puts on its very own light show.

In the natural world, there are few things that seem like they were plucked from a dream more than bioluminescent organisms. From algae that makes beaches sparkle like stars to fireflies that trace blinking paths through the forest, these creatures create an otherworldly glow that draws in admirers from far and wide.

In Helensburgh, Australia, an abandoned railroad tunnel is home to one of the country’s largest glowworm colonies. Glowworm Tunnel’s damp environment and vegetation made it the perfect habitat for the worms, which illuminate the dark corridor with a distinctive blue-green light. Half a world away in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, a unique population of synchronous fireflies lights up the forests every June.

From a glowing underwater cliff to a bay filled with shining squid, these are some of our favorite locations that glow.