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6 Unexpected Portland Snacking Experiences

How to sip and snack like a longtime local in the City of Roses.

Perhaps the greatest travel hack is simply knowing someone who lives there—someone to give you the locals’ experience, to relieve you of the responsibility of making assumptions about a place and its idiosyncrasies. Assumptions are never safe in Portland, especially when it comes to snacks.

For example, you might not expect to find Maple Blazer Blunt donuts at 3 a.m. in Chinatown—but in fact you would. You’d never expect to find affogatos to come from a century-old haunted house in Buckman—but you’d be mistaken. You may not envision kicking your feet up, guzzling mead from a horn, and eating Viking stew on D&D night in Woodstock’s premiere meadery—bzzt, wrong again friend. 

With a little help from this list, these sip and snack dreams (and more) can become your reality in a city chock-full of both surprises and secrets.