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9/11 Spirit of America Memorial

Cashmere, Washington

A heartfelt tribute to all of the victims of one of the greatest tragedies in United States history. 


Located adjacent to Riverside park, this incredibly detailed memorial has several unique monuments dedicated to each group that perished on 9/11.

The centerpiece of this memorial is the four, life-sized bronze statues holding hands. They represent the various professions that lost personnel that day but with one missing spot. That missing spot represents those whose remains were never recovered. Visitors that wish to stand on the empty spot can reach out and hold the hands of the two statues on either side.

There is a monument dedicated to Flight 77 in the shape of the Pentagon with the names of those that passed from the tragic event. 

Flight 93 is commemorated by a monument shaped like the state of Pennsylvania and contains the names of those that perished on that plane. There are also two very tall towers standing directly at the back of the memorial. Metal beams from the original Twin Towers, a rock from the field where Flight 93 crashed, and a piece from the roof of the Pentagon also have a prominent monument with the Twin Towers metal rising high in the air. A Callery pear tree was planted to acknowledge a tree that was pulled from the ruins of the Trade Center site, it’s known as The Survivor Tree.

The Cashmere Veterans War Memorial is also part of this site, with a monument dedicated to the soldiers from Cashmere who fought in four different conflicts. 

Another monument in the Veterans Memorial section, acknowledges all conflicts of the past, along with the dates of those events and the total number of United States soldiers lost and those from other countries as well. 

Various plaques, sayings, and readings are front and center of the two side sections. Those sections also contain various verses from the song God Bless America. Across the parking lot, visitors will find a large informational board with many detailed pictures from 9/11 and various educational content.

Know Before You Go

About six minutes from the freeway, easy to get to, and lots of parking. 

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October 15, 2021

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