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Arjang, Sweden

This giant wooden sculpture is based on local folklore and is said to be "possibly" Sweden's largest troll. 


In the center of Årjäng, Sweden, the presence of “Årjängstrollet” (The Årjäng Troll) beckons travelers to step into a world of folklore and imagination.

Crafted in 1972 by artist Erik Hermansson, this towering 26-foot (8-meters tall) wooden sculpture pays homage to the whimsical tales found in Tore Skogman’s Årjängstroll book.With an enchanting blend of art and storytelling, “Årjängstrollet” stands not just as a sculpture, but as a living connection to the region’s heritage. Having embarked on tours across Sweden, gracing cities like Stockholm and Gothenburg, the troll has become an ambassador of Årjäng’s cultural legacy.

Today, it proudly resides at Trolltorget, offering a gathering spot for locals and travelers alike.

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