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Astronomical Clock in Kryštofov Valley

Kryštofovo Údolí, Czechia

Abandoned substation turned village treasure. 


The Czech Republic is full of astronomical clocks, most famously the Prague Astronomical Clock and the village of Podještdský is no exception. However, unlike the centuries old clocks in Prague and Olomouc, the clock in the Kryštofovo Valley near the city of Liberec, is rather unusual astronomical clock, largely because it is practically brand new.

Located in the once garbage-filled tower of a former substation, the clock was built under the direction of local man, Martin Chaloupka, in 2006. Local craftsmen and mechanics all worked with Chaloupka to make his idea a reality. Powered by an electric motor, the clock has two windows with twelve circulating apostles and other figures which come alive as the clock chimes on the hour.

Chaloupka still plans to add more bells or wind chimes, meanwhile, Kryštofovo Valley is proud to have their very own astronomical clock made by their very own craftsmen.

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