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Audiorama Parque España

This tiny garden was built specifically to provide a place of peace and serenity away from the busy city streets. 


The busy Condesa neighborhood is home to a run-down park with the best-kept secret in the place. A bamboo fence hides within Parque España a small secret garden that functions as an audiorama. The principle of audiorama is to enjoy relaxing music or sounds that are played inside.

At the entrance, a trunk with books welcomes visitors who want to enjoy reading in one of the garden’s many seating options. There are tables, benches, and swings to enjoy the garden. In between the trees and flowers that completely fill the environment, small speakers play music to help cover any street noise.

Many of the materials used to build the audiorama were remnants from other city projects, including tiles that were used in Plaza de Santo Domingo and railings from the remodel of a market in the Colonia Doctores neighborhood. The space is made to be a relaxing place that contrasts completely with the busy avenues that surround it. Of course, the best time to visit is late in the afternoon when the colored lights decorate the trees.

Know Before You Go

The audiorama opens from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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