La Muelita (The Little Molar) - Atlas Obscura

La Muelita (The Little Molar)

A small building that loosely resembles a tooth is appropriately used as a dentist office. 


Dr. Emilio Medellín Cordero might have Mexico City’s most appropriately shaped office. Designed to resemble a tooth, it could only have been built for a dentist, and the blue neon sign hanging above it, makes it clear that yes, here you can find a dentista. The building is not only peculiar for its shape but also its location.

Found at the front of the entrance to a tall apartment building’s ground-level parking area, one could even picture it as sitting within a kind of mouth. There seem to be no details available about the architect behind such a unique construction, but one could say with some certainty that Dr. Medellín commissioned it specifically based on his profession.

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