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Bà Nà Hills

Hòa Vang, Vietnam

Founded by French colonists in 1919, this mountain resort has been transformed into one-of-a-kind theme park.  


After being abandoned as a French resort built in 1919 in colonial Vietnam, Bà Nà Hills was rebuilt and redesigned as a theme park. The beauty of Bà Nà Hills is unmatched. Majestically rising from the Da Nang region below, the only way to access this place is through a cable car ride. Make no mistake, as this is one of the best and longest cable car rides in the world, offering a 360-degree view overlooking the greenery below.

An attraction is the Golden Bridge, a bridge meant to look like a thread being held by the hands of God. This is likely the most popular attraction of Bà Nà Hills. Beware though, because the bridge is overly congested with private groups of tourists trying to snap a photo on the bridge, which is just wide enough for a few people to pass through. 

Additionally, the entirety of Bà Nà Hills is built as a replica of the old French buildings in the once-abandoned resort. Separate from all the new buildings, a few ruins have been preserved. Bà Nà Hills has gone to its furthest extent trying to replicate what it once was, playing French music in the background and rebuilding cobbled roads.

From a culinary standpoint, Bà Nà Hills is diverse, unique, and has many options. There are many French cafes and restaurants, but also restaurants with Vietnamese, Italian, and other foods. There’s also a lot of alcohol available, especially at the Beer Barrel, a giant barrel-shaped building with a bar inside. You can also visit the wine cellar, built inside the mountain with long tunnels, fireplaces, storage rooms, and more. These cellars were all created over a century ago by the French to store wine.

Bà Nà Hills is also known for its unpredictability. The weather, 5,000 feet up, is subject to change at any time. Some days, Bà Nà Hills might be sunny and bright, while others might be cloudy and dark. Although Bà Nà Hills has become a tourist attraction, its presence is still unknown to many visitors in Vietnam.

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