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Golden Bridge

Hòa Vang, Vietnam

This spectacular bridge supported by two gigantic hands looks like something out of a fantasy universe. 


Pictures of the fantastic Golden Bridge outside of Da Nang went viral as soon as they appeared online. This unique structure, backdropped by beautiful scenery, makes for a stunning sight, as if it was plucked from a fantasy world.

The giant hands supporting the bridge symbolize something divine, mythical, or godlike. It does look as though they are lifting the bridge as a gift from the ground. The bridge’s principle architect, Vu Viet Anh, has even said that the goal of the design was to “invoke the sensation of walking along a thread stretching through the hands of God.”

Building the footbridge was an engineering challenge in order to not damage the cliff below and make the structure blend in with the forest around it. The hands are supported by frames modeled after anatomical structures and covered with decorative fiberglass. The position of each finger was carefully chosen to invoke the desired effect.

It’s no secret that the construction of the Golden Bridge is a part of a $2 billion investment to lure more tourists to the area. With a bridge this spectacular in such a stunning landscape, it might just succeed.

Know Before You Go

The Golden Bridge (Cau Vang in Vietnamese) is the newest addition to the Sun World Ba Na Hills amusement park, located about 18 miles west of Da Nang. The walkway is at the top of the Ba Na Hills, accessible by a 20-minute cable car ride up the hill. The entrance fee to the amusement park includes the cable car to the Golden Bridge. The walkway is 3,280 feet above sea level and nearly 500 feet long.

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