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Græshoppebroen (Grasshopper Bridge)

Karrebæksminde, Denmark

This distinctive bug-like bridge is made of recycled horseshoes. 


The Græshoppebroen, also called the Karrebæksminde Bridge, spans the fjord between the summer getaway island of Enø and the idyllic fishing village of Karrebæksminde, southwest of Næstved, Denmark. Its playful name, the Grasshopper Bridge, stems from its structure, reminiscent of a massive grasshopper.

The robust folding bridge extends approximately 300 feet and supports a weight of 200 tons. Its counterweight, ingeniously crafted from concrete, recycled horseshoes, and axle steel, ensures its stability.

Originally gray when inaugurated in 1936, the bridge underwent a significant transformation for its 50th anniversary in the 1980s when it was painted vibrant green hues, akin to a grasshopper, complete with painted eyes. The celebration was marked by the release of 60 live grasshoppers and the creation of a commemorative song.

Over time, the Grasshopper Bridge continued to evolve, with local artist Lizette Rosager engaged in 2005 to enhance the grasshopper motif by adding striking copper facial markings and antennae. This ongoing endeavor to maintain and improve the bridge reflects the community’s pride in this beloved landmark.

Know Before You Go

The bridge can be crossed free of charge at any time. Ample parking is available at the location of Enø Kystvej 55, approximately an eight minute walk from the bridge.

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