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Falsterbo, Sweden

Shoemaker's Pear Tree

Where a troll might repair your shoes in exchange for a bowl of porridge.
Copenhagen, Denmark

Bolsjefabrikken (The Candy Factory)

A former smithy turned cultural hub with the capital's largest mural space.
Bir el Maliha, Israel

Kushi's Pundak 101

This legendary roadside attraction feels like a bizarre mirage, 101 kilometers outside the resort city of Eilat.
Berlin, Germany

Pressecafé Mural

A prime example of socialist modernist architecture, wrapped in a enormous fresco about the media.
Osby, Sweden

'Apan och Kaninen' ('Bunny and Monkey')

These massive animal sculptures were constructed as part of a reality TV show challenge.
Örnsköldsvik, Sweden


Contrasting the old concrete courthouse beneath, a modern and colorful residential marvel has emerged, stirring both acclaim and controversy.
Skellefteå, Sweden

'Gzim och den frusna sjön' ('Gzim and the Frozen Lake')

A sculpture capturing the emotional moment when a refugee boy realizes he is about to be deported.
Södertälje, Sweden

Björn Borg's Garage Door

The tennis legend became the best in the world (partly) thanks to practicing his strokes against this garage door as a kid.
Umea, Sweden


This disputed feline sculpture is Sweden's first MeToo monument.
Kornhult, Sweden

Ljusen i Smedjeån

A sculpture of three large candles in the middle of the water of the river Smedjeån.
Osby, Sweden

Sweden's Oldest Olive Tree

A centuries-old olive tree thrives in a small botanical garden.
Butrint, Albania

Butrint National Park

A scenic UNESCO site that doubles as a habitat for various forms of wildlife.
Stockholm, Sweden

Nobel Ice Cream

This legendary dessert was served to Nobel laureates for decades.
Stockholm, Sweden

Bistro Nobel Signed Chairs

Maybe the only restaurant in the world where your seat will be signed by a Nobel laureate.
Stockholm, Sweden

Vanadislunden Water Reservoir

A water reservoir disguised as a castle stands atop a hill in a park in Stockholm city.
Stockholm, Sweden


A Japanese video game arcade hides in the back of a Swedish pool hall.
Stockholm, Sweden


Dine on food tied to Viking history and legend at this subterranean Stockholm spot.
Stockholm, Sweden

HSB Paternoster lift

Stockholm's last remaining paternoster elevator.
Stockholm, Sweden

Vikingaliv Runestone

Outside a Viking museum sits a modern-day runestone made by a Swedish runemaster using traditional methods.
Stockholm, Sweden

Codex Gigas (The Devil's Bible)

An illuminated manuscript comprising the life's work of a lone monk, inexplicably decorated with a portrait of Satan himself.
Stockholm, Sweden

Johanneshovs Skans (Johanneshov Sconce)

Part of an abandoned19th-century fortress hides in plain sight inside a modern office building.
Stockholm, Sweden

Kastellet Stockholm

The Swedish flag over this small naval fort signals that the nation is at peace.
Stockholm, Sweden

Västra Skogen Escalator

A Stockholm metro station is home to an escalator that is not only the longest in Sweden, but among the longest in the world.
Stockholm, Sweden

Långholmen Crash Site

A steel paper plane is all that remains of a crashed aircraft that caused an amazingly small amount of damage.